Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Single Most Important Activity

What is the Single Most Important Activity that
Leads to Revenue in Network Marketing? ( from Todd Falcone, google him)

Is it attitude?
Is it work ethic?
Is it organization?
Is it Internet savvy?
Is it product knowledge?

No.  It is none of those.


The Fearless Networker
(TFN) Tip of the Day

The most important activity that DIRECTLY leads to revenue in this
business is:  EXPOSURE.
  Exposing people on a consistent basis to both your
products/services and your business opportunity is the ONE thing
that makes you money in this profession.

You can't argue it.  It isn't debatable.
It IS what makes the money in this business.

So...having said that, how do you get good at prospecting?
You get good by following the path of other successful people and
doing EXACTLY as they are doing.

One of my very first "ah-ha" over 20 years ago was when I heard

"If you want to be successful, find someone who
has what you want and do what they do."

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