Saturday, April 9, 2011

6 Ways to Stay Focused While Working at Home.

Keep Focused.......

* Plan the Day/Week... the Night Before - Create a short guideline of what you want to get to done the next day. On Sunday plan out your week.
* Get Dressed -It's very tempting to just roll out of bed and get working.That's a recipe for failure. You must get up eat a good meal and get dressed just as if you were "going out to work".
* Organize Tasks - When your tasks aren't organized, you are planning to fail! Create tasks that can be broken into 15-20 minute slices.
* Grab a Kitchen Timer - Set the kitchen timer and the race to complete the first task begins. Calling 30 mins to set appointments. Then 30 mins for cleaning the kitchen and loading washer! Then another 30 mins of dialing. Then the 60 mins for a trip to the park with the kids or the grocery store. NOTE: All focus and no breaks make Lazy a dull woman!
* Plan a Halftime - Similar to scheduling the small breaks above, divide your day into two halves. That halftime usually consists of a quick lunch and something really mindless!
* Limit Your Web Browsing - Do web searching during "non calling" times. Like when it is too early or late to call prospects.

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