Tuesday, May 17, 2011

10 Reasons Why You May Not Be Recruiting Anyone

10 Reasons Why You May Not Be Recruiting Anyone, by Todd Falcone
(Note:  These reasons are in no particular order)
  1. You aren't really working.  Many people kid themselves into believing they are actually working when they really aren't.  The big question is, how many people have you talked to in the past week about your business?  Be honest with your answer.
  2. You aren't asking enough questions.  Start being more interested and more inquisitive.  Be genuine.  Focus on what they want.
  3. You're scared.  Perhaps you may be over-thinking and letting your head get in your own way.  Stop the mental spin.  Just take action.
  4. You're focused on the wrong thing.  People do this all the time.  They focus on themselves rather on what they can do for others.  Change your focus and change your results.
  5.  You're too timid and worried about what they think.  Stop worrying about what others think.  Just do.  Maintain control.  Own it.  You have the deal.  Act like it. 
  6. You aren't finishing.  Don't be one of those people who start the process and not end it.  Your prospect is HOPING you call them back...at least the good ones are.  Don't be a ball-dropper.  Follow up.
  7. You don't have the best deal on the planet, so stop saying you do.  No matter how good your company, comp plan or product is, STOP saying "We're the Greatest!"  Put your feet back on the ground and take a breath of reality.  It's fine to have a good product, comp plan, etc. without having to LIE and say you are the best thing since sliced bread.  Nothing screams scam more than hype. 
  8. You don't believe.  This one kills tons of people.  You either don't believe you're worth it or that you aren't capable.  You are!  You ARE worth it.  And...you ARE capable.  Stop the negative flow of energy.  It isn't serving you.
  9.   You aren't listening.  Start listening to your leaders, the ones who are REALLY producing and STOP reinventing the wheel because you think you are cool or good.  Make your first 10k a month their way and if you wanna go screw it up after that, you're free.
  10. You're scattered.  Focus on one company. Big produces don't do multiple deals, so why should you.  Make sense?

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