Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Home Business NOT and MLM

Melaleuca is NOT an MLM: Here's why.......
Melaleuca is "consumer driven". We are NOT recruitment driven, like the MLM's. We do NOT get paid on recruiting people or signing them up like the MLM's do! Think of different MLM's. What is their entrance fee, $2500, $1500, or even $5000. The person "recruiting" makes their money NOT on honest, ethical, fair priced products but on the sign on fee. They make typically $200-$500 for signing a person up. Their focus is not on the product but on the sign on, they recruit.
MLM's then want to keep the money moving so they force you to have a product shipment of $240, $180, or $120 each month. Products that cost way over what they are worth and amounts you could never use yourself. Typically MLM's have ONLY a 12%-25% re order rate. WHY, because the consumer does not find "value" in the product and therefore does not re order them. They are too expensive and usually do not meet the consumers expectations. MLM's are NOT consumer/product driven companies. An MLM's product line is typically not a product that competes for market share. It's not a product being consumed on a regular basis.
Melaleuca is not a money deal, It's NOT an MLM! Melaleuca is not even in the same "playing field"! Melaleuca is a consumer/product driven company who manufactures a line of affordable products that have value. The Melaleuca product line competes for market share from the big guys. Companies like Proctor n Gamble, Lancome, Este lauder, Mac, Palmolive, Johnson and Johnson, Centrum, One a Day and GatorAid. Get the picture? With Melaleuca you are switching stores and shopping for needed products, products that have value. Products that are competing for market share. The money is made when the consumer "shops" not when they sign on!!
Melaleuca has a documented, 95% re order rate! See why we are not in the same league as an MLM. See how ware are NOTHING like them!
Month after month Melaleuca continues to "steal" market share from the big guys. It's not a question of when you will switch stores, but one of how soon. Melaleuca offers a residual income to last a life time, through the manufacturing of exceptioanl products as reasonable prices.

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